2, Nikis & Makedonias Str.
60100, Paralia Katerini, Greece

T: +30 23510 64113
M.: +30 6949642827

E-mail: info@imperia-furs.com

An Extravaganza of Luxury and Absolute Perfection!

With emphasis on Greek fur manufacturing tradition dating back to the 14th century and the importance of continuous innovation, Imperia Furs & Leather is an international award-winning fashion brand that stirs emotions due to the uniqueness of its quality, variety, versatility, craftsmanship, and design.
Customers looking for classic beauty, extreme luxury and very modern styles choose Imperia Furs & Leather. The brand offers revised classic, innovative shapes, trimmings and material mixes in a wide colour palette. In addition, the brand provides a ‘double guarantee’ to its customers by supplying pelts of top quality labels such as Blackglama (USA), NAFA (Canada), Saga (Finland), and Kopenhagen Fur (Denmark).
Moreover, a number of carefully selected retailers have been classified as “Imperia Furs & Leather Certified Retailers”. The classification basically means that these retailers are involved in a partnership with the brand and hence offer genuine Imperia Furs & Leather garments made in Greece. Nonetheless, customers should beware of imitations!
The central showroom of Imperia Furs & Leather is  located in Paralia Katerinis, featuring around 2000 innovative designs, which are renewed on a regular basis. While, all fur coats are produced in Kastoria.
When you choose Imperia Furs & Leather you can’t go wrong as you opt the finest in the market!

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